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BeSkinHost has always been a keen admirer of natural skincare. We are all beauty lovers who want beautiful and flawless skin, but do you know sometimes the things you put on your face contain many nasty chemicals? Of course we don’t want to risk our health in exchange for less acne or wrinkle while we could achieve it through natural and easy ways. That’s why BeSkinHost apply itself to represent you the useful and interesting information such as: low or high estrogen with acne and the best natural serum for acne prone skin.

In the realm of natural and organic beauty, there are many outstanding precursors. Among them, we’d like to share the most ingenious and diligent ones with you. Here you can find the DIY recipes of facial masks or a list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid that are commonly in mainstream beauty products. Go ahead and browse them because they may open a brand new gate for your daily skincare!

We love each of them. So it’s important to tell that the blogs are listed in no particular order.


Blogger's name: Kim Wallace

Bio: The stellar blog kimberlyloc was created by Kim Wallace in 2010 to provide honest reviews about natural beauty products alongside wonderful touches of the life of a beauty addict! The site features everything green beauty as the world of green beauty products expands and grows. When you’re looking for the best green beauty info, kimberlyloc is the site to visit.

We Love: Not only are the reviews offered on kimberlyloc full of important details like how to use the products and what they can be used to treat, but they are also full of life. If the packaging recommends six pumps of cleanser, but Kimberly knows eight work best, she’ll tell you how it is!

We’re all human, and the product reviews on kimberlyloc give advice that is practical for real readers on which products work and don’t work for everyday life. Follow their reviews for real updates from a real person!

Indigo + Canary

Blogger's name: Aleigh

Bio: Aleigh started her blog, Indigo+Canary, after becoming obsessed with natural beauty products. She realized that traditional beauty products could pollute our skin with phthalates, parabens, and lead.

Her blog aims to help others on their journey to natural beauty by sharing both her favorite and least favorite natural beauty products on the market. She even updates with some useful DIY beauty solutions, beauty inspiration, and anything else related to natural beauty!

We Love: In addition to offering amazing natural beauty reviews on all sorts of products, she also offers fantastic posts about common ways we are all sabotaging our skin, care, self-image, and more! Indigo+Canary is also divided into six easy-to-browse sections: hair, skin, makeup, body, beauty, and men. Talk about variety!

Natural beauty is about more than just what we put on our skin. It’s about loving our bodies, and that’s a message that Indigo+Canary fully supports.

Glamorganic Goddess

Blogger's name: Danielle Messina

Bio: The Glamorganic Goddess is a blog full of tips, tricks, and ideas about how to live a healthy lifestyle while also incorporating both natural and organic products. They began with a message about clean beauty that is free of carcinogens. The site’s founder, Danielle Messina, is a Breast Cancer Survivor that aims to help people one at a time to find clean beauty products to fill all of their needs.

We Love: It’s absolutely fantastic that The Glamorganic Goddess doesn’t ask us to go without our favorite products. I’ve found that many natural beauty sites push minimalism when it comes to a beauty routine, but the only thing that Glamorganic pushes is minimal carcinogenic and harmful ingredients. And they help you learn about clean beauty with easy-to-understand beauty school guides. It’s okay to be both glam and organic in their books, and that’s a message and a lifestyle I can live by!

Lisa Lise

Blogger's name: Lise M Andersen

Bio: When Lise started to question what ingredients were going into her cosmetic products, she turned to making her own products instead of worrying about potentially dangerous additives in store-bought products.

Her blog, LisaLise, aims to share the passion and knowledge that she has for creating cosmetics with other aficionados who hope to take control of their beauty experience with their own hands.

We Love: Lisa Lise really has everything you could want to learn more about when it comes to homemade, natural cosmetics. Their ingredients database and ICNI dictionary are both full of useful information about common ingredients, their nicknames, and how they can be used in the process of cosmetic creation.

Supplement these resources with the amazing How-To section, and you’ll be making your own soaps, masks, and more in no time. This blog is truly the perfect starting point for those hoping to create their own natural beauty products.

The Hub of Clean Living

Blogger's name: Sarita Coren

Bio: Formerly known as Edible Beauty, Sarita Coren’s website The Hub of Clean Living will give you everything you need to live cleanly in every aspect of your life. The Hub focuses on the core, the essence, and the heart of clean, green living. Beautify posts share clean product discoveries you won’t want to miss, while Nourish posts focus on lifestyle and health tips that will expand your clean lifestyle beyond just beauty products.

We Love: The clean aesthetics of Sarita Coren’s site are just too much to pass by! Every post is accompanied by beautiful photographs that help me feel cleaner just by looking at them.

Not only are her reviews beautiful, but they also tell you the most important details of each product. From ingredients to how it feels on your skin, every aspect of a product that you want to know about will be covered in Sarita’s in-depth reviews.

Call It Vanity

Blogger's name: Sabrina and Mayah

Bio: Call It Vanity has not one, but two wonderful bloggers behind their posts! Best friends Sabrina and Mayah have different skin types and problems. These two understand the struggle to find a product that works for your skin, so they focus on sharing reviews that highlight what is truly a quality product and what should be left on the shelves.

There’s nothing wrong with being high maintenance - they just Call It Vanity!

We Love: Even though Call It Vanity offers fantastic advice on Going Green, Going Shopping, and finding the right solution for your skin through personalized consultations, that’s not what I love most about them. I love that they BOTH review every single product!

That means that you’re not getting one but two informed opinions about every product in one place. Considering the two of them have different beauty needs and styles, you’re more likely to get a review that works for you thanks to this two-faced review. Love it!

Ana Goes Green

Blogger's name: Ana

Bio: Ana goes green is a lovely site that focuses on product reviews and lifestyle tips that all have an eco-friendly twist. Whether you’re looking to find a new eye cream or hoping to figure out what you need to do to live a more green life at home, Ana Goes Green has some advice for you! It is possible to leave less of an impact on the world while living it, and Ana will help you learn how.

We Love: Ana takes her advice about natural beauty products and solutions to a new level by considering the eco-friendliness of each item. While natural beauty is great for our skin and the world, we also need to pay attention to what can be reused, what is being sustainably created, and more.

If you want to start feeling good about your impact on the world (and be reassured that someone else cares, too!), then this is the blog for you to start reading.


Blogger's name: Nath

Bio: The woman behind BEAUTYCALYPSE is named Nath, but she doesn’t want you to focus on her personal life. Instead, she focuses on helping others on the path to finding more vibrant, informative information about eco-fair fashion, ethical luxury, green beauty, all types of ethical food, as well as other topics that cover issues we should think more critically and carefully about.

Learn to ask the right questions about how you interact with the world with advice from BEAUTYCALYPSE.

We Love: This blog isn’t focused on selling you anything or on making money off ads placed on the page. In fact, they’re 100% ad-free! While I don’t have a problem with blogs that do use affiliate links or ads, it’s a breath of fresh air to see someone like Nath putting so much work into this blog simply to help us live more responsibly when it comes to our lifestyle, beauty, health, and other choices.

Plein Vanity

Blogger's name: Kasey

Bio: Plein Vanity is far from plain. The name harkens to the French word “plein” which means full or whole, and the blog focuses on touching on every aspect of the things that creator Kasey loves. Posts about natural beauty, skincare, ethical fashion, and technology can all be found on Plein Vanity.

No matter what topic is being covered, sustainable solutions and saving the environment are at the forefront of the information you can find on Plein Vanity.

We Love: Turn to Plein Vanity to feel better about your looks and better about what the products you use on a day-to-day basis are doing to the Earth. For those who love to discover new products, seasonal and monthly product wrap-ups briefly introduce five or more products every few weeks. In these short summaries, natural beauty products that you may have otherwise missed will fly onto your radar and, more often than not, into your vanity!

Organic Beauty Source

Blogger's name: Liz Thompson

Bio: The face between Organic Beauty Source, Liz Thompson, wants to accomplish one main mission with her blog. That mission is to help you live your life magnificently through the green resources that she supplies.

A nontoxic lifestyle that helps support the future of organic beauty is key to a better future, according to Liz, and we couldn’t agree more! Join in the organic beauty revolution with Organic Beauty Source.

We Love: OBS has two really unique resources that every natural beauty lover needs at their disposal. First, a list of cosmetic ingredients to avoid that are commonly in mainstream beauty products. When finding a new product to buy, it can be hard to remember what is bad for your skin and the world. Consulting this list will help!

Second, OBS has a custom search engine that is designed to search reputable beauty sellers for nontoxic, green products that your skin will love. What more could you ask for?

Lily Farm Fresh Skincare

Bio: Lily Farm Fresh Skincare is a company that sells organic skincare products created from ingredients grown right on their organic farm. Rather than just talking about sustainable beauty and sustainable farming, they are committed to actually following through on these missions. Their blog highlights their product features, extra information about their high-quality ingredients, and some other great advice for green beauty advocates everywhere.

We Love: While their content is largely focused on the items they create, this blog also offers detailed descriptions of essential oils, botanicals, and vitamins and how to best use these ingredients to improve your skin.

If you’re looking to get an understanding of this company’s values or simply wanting to learn more about high-quality, organic ingredients, this blog is a great place to visit for you and your skin!

Bonus tip: check out their “Life On The Farm” posts for a fun, behind-the-scenes look at what goes into their products...and what does not!

The Organic Life

Blogger's name: Tara

Bio: The Organic Life is a blog and company that focuses on healthy, sustainable practices. They care, they recycle, they compost, and they donate to good causes! Their work focuses on organic, plant-based nutrition, and their blog focuses on giving tips to those who want to live healthier, more sustainable lives. Covering topics from female health to weddings and wellness herbs, the site has a lot to offer every reader who stops by.

We Love: Tara, the woman behind The Organic Life, offers fun and unique takes on common topics that you’ll find yourself eating up! Two of my favorites are tips on how to do a no-makeup look and how to detox from using traditional deodorant.

The topics Tara takes the time to curate and cover are those that other green beauty sites gloss over. Find the answers to your most pressing wellness and beauty questions on The Organic Life!

The Natural Beauty Workshop

Bio: The Natural Beauty Workshop is a sister site to retail beauty shop From Nature With Love, but they’re doing more than just offering an introduction to available products. Instead, they’re taking a direct approach to teaching you - yes you - how to make your own aromas, soaps, skin care products, and more!

The blog offers a complete roundup of recipes, tips, and tricks to becoming the producer of your soon-to-be-favorite cosmetics.

We Love: Natural Beauty Workshop offers so many key resources that you will need when venturing into creating your own cosmetics. The Natural Cosmetic Ingredient Guide breaks down green ingredients, how they are used, and where to find them.

The site also features three useful guides for beginners: Bath & Body 101, All About Preservatives, and Learning About Emulsion! These sections are key to understanding the properties of your very own green beauty products. The Natural Beauty Workshop truly shares a lot of key, effective information with readers.

Mademoiselle Nature

Bio: Mademoiselle Nature loves beauty and everything about it. This blog aims to appreciate the best of the raw and unique properties that each ingredient can offer while also taking into consideration how they affect the environment. Her green beauty posts focus on highlighting that while green beauty can be an investment, it’s worth the results. For a fun, informative spin on beauty products, check out the latest from Mademoiselle Nature.

We Love: Before Mademoiselle posts any product reviews, she uses the products for at least one month. I love that she discloses this information! Many bloggers might cut corners and use products for just a few days before they post a review. For many products, it’s impossible to see how they work on your skin so quickly, and Mademoiselle Nature knows that. You can trust that the reviews she posts are honest, thorough, and well-researched.

Organic Obsessions

Blogger's name: Nic

Bio: Nic is the heart behind Organic Obsessions, and she started this blog because she was obsessed with going all things organic and natural when it comes to skincare! While she says she’s still learning about what it truly means to be green, she’s got a lot of fantastic knowledge to share. Her goal is to help other beauty obsessed people learn to be more discerning about the products they buy.

We Love: There are two secret areas of Organic Obsessions site that are so worthy of your attention. The first is the “Link Love” area. Here, Nic highlights other blogs that she loves. Who doesn’t want more blogs to enjoy?

The second page I love is the “Product Love” area! This is a list of products that she decided to repurchase after having samples a.k.a. the products that are her absolute favorites! Beauty bloggers try so many products that repurchasing truly means the product stood out to them.


Blogger's name: Sarah

Bio: Sugarpuffish is a blog focused on natural and organic products that can help you live a green life, even if you suffer from conditions like allergies or eczema. Sarah, who created Sugarpuffish, suffered from a series of allergies and conditions that led her to explore and embrace a green lifestyle. Now, she’s sharing that knowledge with you!

We Love: Sugarpuffish has two ongoing series on the blog that we love keeping up with. The first is the “Green Beauty Swaps.” In these posts, green beauty swaps for Youtube and Instagram beauty star favorite items are highlighted. If you love popular looks but don’t want to use toxic or dangerous ingredients, use this series to find comparable alternatives.

Another series that’s worth reading is the “Monthly Mini Reviews” series. Each month, mini reviews of a few products are posted. As much as I love a good in-depth review, sometimes you just want a quick ready like this one!

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