Does Birth Control Pill Help Acne? – The Dangerous Norm that Can Screw Your Unique Femininity

Acne is nobody’s friend. Everyone is at war with it and wants it gone forever. If you could only find something to control it and make it disappear with a little pink pill. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking than your mind wonders now about the birth control pill. Does birth control pill help acne?

Are pimples the first thing you think of when you wake up in the morning? Do you religiously pray that you won’t see another one on your face while you walk to the bathroom? Do you check yourself in the mirror meticulously only to get sad or happy in an instant based on the presence or absence of a pimple?

Have you thought of or are you on a verge on enrolling for the birth control pill only because you’ve heard that it may clear up your skin from acne?

Some say that birth control pill is good for acne, while others say that it’s not. Some say it’s effective and safe, and others that it’s worsened their acne or that it caused acne, and that it comes with many, many horrible side effects.

To what conclusion have we come? Find in this article.

Birth Pills - A Norm?

Can you use Windex for everything, from cleaning windows and tiles to curing warts, psoriasis, and acne? That’s only possible in Hollywood movies like My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

The pregnancy control pill has become one of those widely prescribed cure-all medicines. Once only created to prevent pregnancy, now it’s also recommended for acne.

Contraceptive pills are prescribed with closed eyes, like water. It’s become a “norm” to take them. There are an estimated 150 million women worldwide who take birth control pills for various reasons.

However, women are not fully aware of the serious health implications of these drugs, containing synthetic hormones. They are too easily prescribed to address symptoms like cramping, irregular periods and acne, instead of treating the underlying causes of these symptoms. This is the problem.

What doctors tell you when:

  • You have acne? You need the birth control pill.
  • You have PMS? You need the birth control pill.
  • You have problems with your cycles? You need the birth control pill.​
  • ​You don’t want to get pregnant? You need the birth control pill.
  • You have early menopause symptoms? You need the birth control pill.
  • You have endometriosis? You need the birth control pill.

Women don’t ask supplementary questions and doctors don’t describe the whole picture. Unfortunately, the vast majority of doctors are not taught and not informed (or self-informed) about the natural ways of treating acne and hormonal imbalance.

Most of the times, patients take the prescriptions fully trusting their doctors and without doing any research on their own, regarding the side effects, because, “Hey, my neighbor takes the pills and it’s good for her. Look, she has no acne. So, I’ll take whatever she takes.”

But what about the side effects? What about the health risks involved? What does birth control pill actually do?

Wouldn’t you like to step out of the gray lines and research and study more about it, give it deep thoughts regarding all the implications, and then act? You owe it to your body and to yourself as a whole.

The problem today is that medicine treats diseases, not people, in their whole.

What is The Birth Control Pill and What it is Good for?

Birth control pills are basically synthetic hormones that take over your hypothalamus, pituitary, and ovarian hormones to prevent ovulation. They artificially and forcefully inhibit women’s fertility.

Or, simply said, they put your ovaries to sleep. This process of turning your ovaries off involves many other functions, processes, organs, glands, systems in your body. So, do you really want to trigger a chain reaction that you can’t control and you have no idea what it does and how far it goes just to try and suppress acne?

Everybody is different and therefore, it responds differently to the birth control pills. The hormonal concentration, the type of hormone, your age, your health history and your current health, all impact your body’s reaction to the pill.

Another question, can you take a pill designed to prevent pregnancy to treat your acne? Is this ok?

A 2011 Guttmacher Institute report estimated that about 58% of women who take hormonal contraceptives do it for other reasons than pregnancy: alleviating cramps, regulate menstruation, or treat acne.

Not all birth control pills have been approved by FDA as an acne treatment, only a few. They contain norgestimate, a form of progesterone that is gentle with your skin and can decrease testosterone levels, pharmaceutical companies say.

However, their instructions are long and filled with side-effects and contraindications. If it’s safe to take, why it triggers so many serious health problems afterward?

What Does Birth Control Pill Do?

  • Forcefully inhibits the hormones that start ovulation
  • Continually overstimulates the production of cervical mucus which blocks and “drowns” sperm and flushes down any superhero spermatozoid that would miraculously survive the wave of thick mucus, preventing it from getting any closer to a mature egg (in case that ovulation might happen).
  • Paralyzing the “moving” cells, named cilia (lining the fallopian tube) to transport a fertilized egg in the uterus (in case that superhero little guy would survive the flush).
  • Continuously stopping the process of insulation of the uterus (you know, the inner lining of the uterus walls) and thus stopping a possible fertilize an egg from being implanted (in case it’s a superstar and gets in there, despite all effort).


Acne is a health problem that can be treated from inside out with a change in your eating habits, lifestyle, beauty routine, with using only natural healthy remedies to address your hormonal imbalance (if it’s the case) and learning more about your body, how it works and why it does what it does.

Knowing more about yourself it will empower you and it will help you be in the position to reconnect deeply with your body, your feminine nature, all your potential, all your strength.

Knowing more about yourself will make your see everything from a different perspective. You will be in charge with your body, not a tiny pill with unknown, collateral, even risky consequences.

Does Birth Control Pill Have Side effects?

Well, let us count the ways. The pharmaceutical companies have listed numerous side-effects they observed during their studies and that are occurring over and over again in women taking birth control pills.

All side-effects enumerated below can be found on the instruction lists of birth control pills and confirmed by many other independent studies:


​Increased breast size

Abdominal pain

Irregular bleeding


Breast tenderness

Blurred vision

Mood swings​​


Low or loss of libido


Acne (reduced or worsened)


​Dark spots on the skin

​Weight gain

Many of these physical, emotional, and mental changes are permanent if you keep taking the pills month after month, year after year, for a long, long time. It’s just your body that adjusted to the fake information that synthetic estrogen was providing continuously.

Now, many women are put away by these side effects and refuse to take it for acne. However, many are not aware of them and others accept them as bad as they are, because the pill is convenient, from their point of view.

But if you are lucid enough, you realize how many ramifications this drug has on your health, quality of your life, and relationships.

As if the above-mentioned side effects were not enough to destroy your quality of life, the birth control pill has also, severe side-effects. What, you will ask? Does birth pill have MORE side effects and they are even worse?

That’s a reality and they are:

  • Severe migraines
  • Nutrient depletion (Vitamins B6, B2, and B12, Vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, selenium, coenzyme Q, antioxidants)
  • Yeast overgrowth (in your mouth, throat, digestive system, reproductive system, etc.)
  • High blood pressure
  • Gall bladder problems
  • Kidney problems
  • Liver tumors (benign or not)
  • Impaired immune system
  • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
  • Increased risk of cervical and breast cancer

Some people say “All drugs have side-effects, it’s no big deal”, “They have to say that on the label”, “Yes, these side-effects are true, but it will not happen to me.” How do you know? It’s like Russian roulette. It’s enough to know that there are chances to be you.

“Fixing” a health issue (better said, masking it or suppressing its symptoms) while triggering another one is not normal. Doctor’s vow is “First, do not harm.”

Harming a number of healthy organs, functions, processes in your body, to mask or suppress another function unnaturally, is not right. When alternative, natural, non-invasive solutions are available, why bother to break our health with damaging things like birth control pills?

Birth Control Pill Hides the Acne Symptoms, Doesn’t Solve the Problem

Thinking that acne will solve your acne is a chimera. Yes, “the Pill” will quickly mask the symptoms, wiping them off of your face, but it will not address the causes.

Like your car is broken, but instead of taking it to the mechanic and let him open it, find the problem and then solve it, you just put your car on a trailer and move your car around like this. The problem is not solved, your car is still broken, but it’s… well… moving, right?

When you’ve got acne, this is your body’s way of signaling “Houston, we have a problem down here. Please, solve it.” And instead of getting to the bottom of it, find the underlying problem, you’re settling to just put the carpet over the molded wooden floor. If you can’t see it, it’s not existing, right?

Just because you can’t SEE the consequences on your face (acne) it doesn’t mean that the health imbalance that generated in the first place is not there anymore.

Acne is your body’s way of showing you that you have an internal problem that is not visible to the eye. So, in order to make it visible for you, your body is literally popping it up into your face.

Acne may signal that:

  • Your intestines, lymphatic system, or liver are too loaded with toxins and they need to be cleansed
  • Your hormonal system is broken
  • ​There is too much stress in your life for too long and is affecting you
  • ​Your thyroid and adrenal glands are not functioning right
  • You have yeast infection in your body

Love Your Body

Show your body some love, get to know it better, reconnect with it, and you will feel it on your glowing clear face, in your striving health, in your happiness,, your peace of mind, your productivity, your relationships, and your work.

When you love your body and you respect yourself, you take the right steps in taking care of it. You want to treat it with best healthy natural food available, give it the best hours of the night to rest and regenerate, move with it in dynamic exercises to keep it fit and toned, use natural skin care regimens, have balanced, positive emotions and thoughts, and don’t allow anything that is unnatural, unhealthy, synthetic, artificial to enter your body.

You show respect, care, and love. In this state of inner harmony, everything in your body works in perfect unison. Even when you get sick, you can solve it if you follow the correct steps to balance it back.

Love your body, don’t harm it with pills.


Wow, that’s a tough one. Does birth pill help acne? Well, many teenagers and women around the world are very satisfied with the results and they would say that that “the pill” help them get rid of acne. With what costs, however?

But there are also many teenagers and women who dropped the birth control pills, because of the many side-effects that were making their acne worse and even causing them damages in their bodies and minds. Depression, headaches, mood swings, breasts pain, severe PMS, loss of libido, weight gain were just some of the symptoms.

The long term uses of birth pills are even more damaging. We’re looking at infertility, cancer, blood clots, stroke, etc.

When so much information and so many natural solutions are available now more than ever, empowering us as women, why wouldn’t we make this obvious choice taken by many women ahead of us with amazing results and start resolving our acne in a natural, balancing, healing, holistic, affordable way, without any side effects whatsoever?

Does birth control pill help acne? The truth is that the pill covers up the symptoms, but never truly cures it.

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