Crystal Clear Light Meditation for Happy Skin Meditation – Light for Clear Skin

Meditation - reducing acne-causing stress, balancing emotions, boosting positive emotions and thoughts (emotional/mental axis).

If someone had told me before that meditation can clear my acne I would have laughed or frown in disbelief. But life plays funny games with us, and I was lead to experience myself the effects of meditation “on my skin”.

You would never think that something as simple, as out of this world, and as (literarily) mind-blowing as meditation can impact something as physical as your skin. After all, you don’t apply it topically on your skin, you don’t swallow it, and you don’t touch it. Meditation is as immaterial as its effects. So, then, you might wonder, how come meditation can smooth and even out your skin without effectively doing anything about or on it? I’ll tell you how.

Meditation is just between you and yourself. In fact, it doesn’t stand between you and yourself, but it reconnects you with yourself. It pulls back your mind, senses, and emotions from the exterior and focuses them on your Self. It cuts back your identification with your thoughts, emotions, events (good or bad) and frees your Self from being something that it isn’t, that you’re not.

Meditation wins back your Self from the claws of the illusion that you are defined by your clothes, titles, job, partner, business, enterprise, faults, flaws, pimples, wrinkles, or bad hair. Meditation brings clarity and transparency to your mind, emotions, and aspirations. Meditation makes you crystal clear. And your skin will merely reflect that transformation.

Wow,” I hear you saying “so, how did you do that?”

Crystal Clear Light Meditation

Prepare your room for meditation

Clean it, wipe down the dust, organize it, open up the windows, let the clean air come in, refresh the air in the room with a couple of drops of essential oils (Peppermint, Camphor, Clary Sage, or Sandalwood) into a diffuser. The space around your will influence your state of mind. Yes, a clear mind starts with a clean space, and the other way around.

Prepare your body for meditation 

sit down quietly on a chair, on the couch, on the bed, or on a yoga mat, wherever your feel comfortable. Close your eyes. Stay still, yet relaxed. If you are tensed or agitated, begin with a short relaxation of your body from toes to head. A relaxed mind starts with a relaxed body and the other way around.

Prepare your mind for meditation

Now, that you have relaxed your body, your mind will become a little bit more relaxed, too. It will be a little bit quieter. Breath in and out a couple of times, visualize how you expel tensions, negativity, agitation, contractions, worries, and then, you inhale relaxation, light, well-being, peace. If any thoughts arise in your mind, by all means, don’t cling to them, don’t chase them away, don’t oppose them, don’t follow them. Just let them come and go, like clouds in the sky. If you surprise yourself pondering on a thought, or a thousand, don’t worry. You’re not a Buddha, you’re only a human, it happens. Don’t blame yourself, don’t get angry, frustrated, or disappointed. The key here is to stay calm, relaxed, and perseverant. No matter how many times you fall (into your thoughts), get back into clarity and linger there longer.

Empty Vessel Visualization 

Visualize yourself as an empty, clear “vessel”. Emptied of your thoughts, anxiety, worries, problems, pimples, wrinkles, and all. You are just an empty, silent, quiet, relaxed vessel. You may even sigh with relief. This is a good thing.

Clear Light Visualization 

Now visualize a bright, clear, blissful light coming down on you from above. See the clear, blissful light filling you, the empty vessel, up from head to toes. Feel this love infused light fill you in completely. You are becoming a bright, clear vessel perfused with blissful light. Do so for 5, 7, 10, 20 minutes, or as long as you feel the need to. Or better, don’t look at the clock. Let the light fill you eternally.

Crystal Clear Vessel:

You are now a crystal clear vessel, brimming with light, love, and pure bliss. Feel the light radiating from your body and face.

Come back from meditation

Gradually, gently opening your eyes, moving your legs and hands. Soak in for a minute or two in this light within. Cary it with you wherever you go and whatever you do.

I was literally, caring this light with me, wherever I went, and whatever I did. And a smile on my face, a reminiscence, and reminder of the blissful state that this meditation gave me. When events or people cast a shadow on my light, I would gently focus on the light coming from above, infusing me with love and bliss. It was a gift from above that kept on giving.

I began to wake up with a smile on my face, do my toilet with a smile on my face, walk with a smile on my face, drive my car with a smile on my face, wash the dished with a smile on my face, pay the bills with a smile on face, meditate with a smile on my face, and go to sleep with a smile on my face. I was all a big, shiny smile

And that smile came from feeling infused with that crystal clear, blissful light. I felt better on all levels of my being, in all aspects of my life. One day, looking up in the mirror with the smile on my face, I noticed that my skin was clear, smooth, bright, and happy. My skin had been healed with clear light and had become what was infused with: clear and light. I was beyond amazed and happy, at the same time.

Of course, this whole experience and stage in my life took time. It didn’t happen over night. I didn’t wake up to a clear skin the day after my first Crystal Clear Light Meditation. It was the effect of clear skin that I woke up one day with, after a good couple of months of meditation practice.

You see, nothing in life comes without effort. As you can see, not even a smile. But once it is there, you’ve got it, it stays with you and it becomes a second nature to you, a new habit, it becomes effortless.

Also, it wasn’t magic. What is the science behind this magic? Studies show that meditation has an overall positive effect on various physiological and neurological processes in the body, and has many health benefits, skin included.

Meditation, Deep Relaxation, and Hormones

The equation is simple. Acne and other skin problems are mainly triggered by hormones. Stress causes an overflowing of hormones and chronic stress creates a hormonal mess in your body.

Studies reveal the meditation long-term positive effects on the endocrine system.

The stress hormones cause an overproduction of sebum (sebum glands are regulated by hormones, yes), which in turn will combine with dead skin cells and dirt and will clog the pores. The result shows on your skin. A troubled mind reflects in a troubled skin. THAT important is relaxation and letting go.

Meditation Brings Peace to Your Mind

A healthy body and skin start with a calm, peaceful, relaxed mind. Studies show that meditation induces a state of profound calmness and non-reactivity of the mind, which allows individuals to better cope with and positively embrace all aspects of life. In this circumstances, emotional and physical healing accelerates. Skin regenerates faster, too.

Meditation Calms Your Body

Meditation calms the mind, relaxes your body, regulates many bodily functions and processes (blood pressure, cholesterol, digestion), balances the hormonal productions, and keeps the happy hormones flowing (serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin).

A stressed mind leads to a contracted, tensed, agitated body. A contracted body means blocking the blood and lymph circulation, respiratory process, muscles pain, constipation, headaches, etc. All these contribute to an unhappy body and skin experience.

Meditation Dissolves Stress and Negative Emotions

Negative emotions affect not only our state of mind but our health and skin as well, studies show.

High levels of cortisol, the stress hormone produced by the adrenal glands, are linked to physical and emotional stress. Prolonged release of cortisol will cause many other unbalances in the body and lead to many diseases, including skin problems.

Meditation regulates the sympathetic nervous system activity, by reducing cortisol and epinephrine, and even reversing the damaging effects of chronic stress. It calms down anxiety, panic, anger, and sadness.

Also, research shows that meditation improves the psychological health, it reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and increases the blood flow and oxygen in the cells. Thus, your skin is detoxed and more vital nutrients are brought to the skin. The aging process is slowed down.

Meditation Regulates Metabolism

Digestion is an important process in your body and a poor metabolism will affect your skin. Meditation boosts metabolism, treats constipation, and improves digestion.

Meditation, the Great Fire-Extinguisher

No, not the fire of love, the fire of digestion, or the metabolic fire. The inflammation-type of fire. It has been proven that meditation greatly reduces inflammation in the body. Moreover, it seems that meditation has an immediate response in reducing and healing skin inflammation.

Knowing that acne and other skin problems occur as a result of an underlying inflammation in the body, it is no wonder that meditation had this effect on me.

Meditation, the Anti-age Elixir for Your Mind, Body, and Skin

With every week of meditation, I felt younger, my skin looked better and better, and my body went through a complete transformation. I can safely say that meditation was “shaping” my body and mind into a lighter, sweeter, happier version of me. And I definitely liked the new me and my new skin.

Researching about this topic, I discovered that studies support this rejuvenating quality of meditation. It seems that during meditation, your body enters a state of deep relaxation that allows it to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate itself. Your skin heals and grows new cells, which makes it look fresh, glowing, and smooth.

Meditation Lets the Qi Energy Flow

One of the downsides of a contracted body and a tensed mind is that it blocks the vital energy of the body. This vital energy goes through all your body, cells, tissues, skin, and imbues them with life. That is when your health and well-being thrives.

However, when your Qi is blocked by muscle contractions, as well we mental and emotional blockages, you body loses its energy, vitality, health, your mind gets tired and unproductive, you feel emotionally drained and exhausted, and your skin looks dry, flaky, oily, saggy, tired and it starts to break out.

When you meditate, your Qi energy is unblocked, as your body and mind relax and rejoice, feeding your cells, tissues, and skin. Just like a flower, your skin begins to blossom and shine with amazing energy.

Meditate Your Way to a Good Night Sleep

Yes, I have noticed many times that even after a short meditation before sleep, my mind went silent and light, my breath was slow and calm, my emotions mellow and I felt a healthy need to sleep. Those nights, even after I had a very rough, full, or agitated day, I had a very, very good and sound sleep, thanks to meditation. In fact, studies back up my sleeping experience.

Meditation, the Mist of Light for Your Skin

In conclusion, I can honestly say that, when practiced daily, enthusiastically, and perseveringly, Meditation is like a balm of light for your skin, an energy serum for your face, a healing invisible salve for your skin problems, an inner light illuminating your complexion. At least, this is how my skin feels in the morning after a meditation session – like a flower showered from within with mist of light.

The Best Prescription Medicine for Skin - Meditation

Meditation should be on top of your prescription list for a healthy, radiant, and glowing skin. Along with a healthy and nutritive diet, a healthy, harmonious and happy lifestyle, a joyful exercising session, and a natural, healthy skin care regimen, meditation is one of the best, safest, natural, and effective medicine for your skin. The best part? There are no restrictions whatsoever!

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