Infographic: 10 Fantastic Herbs to Fight Acne

When you are dealing with acne, I know that you are willing to try anything. From cleansers to complicated nightly rituals, anything goes. I know the pain of trying product after product, only to find that nothing seems to be working.

What if I told you to stop looking in the beauty aisle and to start looking in the kitchen instead?

Believe it or not, there are secret acne fighters lurking in your kitchen, and they’re some of the easiest, most effective ways to rid your skin of blemishes!

Many of nature’s best products, including lemon and basil, can be used to naturally reduce the damage done to your skin by acne. The antibacterial properties of these items work with your body to help you claim back the glowing, healthy skin that you dream about.

Let me give you one more personal tip - my favorite acne fighter of these options is cucumber. I always have too many cucumbers in my garden, so I use them to take care of my face! Find out how to use cucumbers in the infographic below.

Stop looking for natural acne-fighting ingredients in fancy face washes and scrubs. Turn to the source, and use these natural herbs and ingredients to save your face from future breakouts.

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