Infographic: Uplift Your Mood With Essential Oils

Negative emotions can be damaging to our health if we don’t know how to snap out of them. Wouldn’t be great to just switch your mood in a minute? This is possible with the help of Essential Oils. They can help you uplift your moods with just a sniff or two.

Using essential oils, you can switch from anger to sweet peace, from stress to total relaxation, from sadness to colorful joy, from anxiety to serene calmness, from lack of libido to delicious sensuality.

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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds distilled from various parts of the plants (flowers, fruits, leaves, bark). They are 60% more potent than original plants and carry their healing properties.

These concentrated plant volatile essences have the power to heal emotional wounds, balance emotions, uplift moods, and improve your well-being.

Work, stress, too many responsibilities, fatigue, health problems can bring down your emotional tonus and drag you into negative feelings. Essential oils are a holistic, healthy, all-natural, safe, and effective approach to emotional distress.

How can Essential Oils Affect your Mood?

Inhaled molecules of essential oil pass through the olfactory system directly into the brain. Particularly, into that part of the brain related to the memory, emotions, hormones, nervous system, heart rate, blood pressure and attention.

The essential oils aroma is sensed by the “smell cells/sensors” in your nose, which send a message to the brain, and a specific emotion is triggered. Using essential oils for your emotions is like pressing a button to get a certain reaction in your brain.

They can switch your mood in a matter of seconds.

Thus, each essential oil can help, support, balance, enhance, trigger, or boost your emotions in many positive and pleasant ways.

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