Ultimate Tips for Buying the Best Essential oil

1. Never buy so-called “fragrance oil”, “nature identical oil”, “perfume oil”, “aroma oil” which are in no way authentic, natural, pure essential oils and they can’t be used for therapeutic purposes, being synthetic.

2. The term “therapeutic grade” is not an approved grading standard, and no governmental agency gives a certificate for this. Some companies use this term to indicate that their essential oil is of high quality and purity.

3. Buy only essential oils sold in dark (amber or blue) glass bottles. Stay away from essential oils sold in plastic or transparent glass bottles.

4. Don’t buy essential oils in bulk packaged in aluminum or plastic containers. Aluminum will change and adulterate the quality and purity of essential oils (as their components will react with the aluminum), while plastic is attacked by some strong components of some essential oils, being melted.

5. Avoid essential oils which have a rubber dropper in the top. Strong essential oils, such as Oregano oil, will dissolve in time the rubber dropper and will also adulterate the oil. Only buy essential oils with a glass dropper included.

6. Buy from companies that offer certificates of quality, detailed information, and how to use it. Avoid sellers that only sell the bottle with a simple label without any indication of quality or how to use it.

7. Don’t take into account subjective reviews such as “I didn’t like the smell”, “the smell was too strong”, “the smell won’t go away” as they only reflect a personal preference or taste, not an objective evaluation of the purity or quality of that essential oil in particular. Just like some people like peppermint smell and others can’t stand it. It’s only a matter of personal preference.

8. Please note that before you begin to take Oregano oil, advice from a healthcare professional or a trained aromatherapy practitioner is strongly encouraged.

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